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One of Aston's new owners puts F430 and Gallardo on notice

Now this is what we're talking about. A couple of days ago, Kuwati Investment Dar was discussing its intention to sell its share of Aston Martin. John Sinders, the American investment banker who also backed Dave Richards, is talking about the kinds of things we like to hear about Aston: racing, one-offs, lightweight variants, and limited editions.

Kuwait firm puts Aston Martin stake in play for sale

The ink isn't dry on the contracts and the ownership transfer won't even be complete for another thirty days. However, Kuwaiti firm Investment Dar and its partner Adeem Investment Company are planning to put their stake up for sale. The consortium that purchased Aston was led by Dave Richards, backed by the Middle Eastern firms and American banker John Sinders. Using the best numbers we could find, Aston was sold for 479 million pounds, Investment Dar put up 240 mil

Could Aston Martin join Prodrive in F1?

Aston Martin in F1? Not likely, but that won't stop some from speculating. And being the diligent reporters we are, we'll search high and low (and in foreign languages) to bring to you the latest in motor news.