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Pirelli to supply emissions technology for Beijing buses

Italian company Pirelli is best known for making high performance tires, but now it is making efforts in emissions technology. The Italian government announced an agreement between the Ministry of Environmental Affairs and the City Council of Beijing, China. Pirelli will supply diesel particulate filter systems (DPF) to be installed on heavy duty vehicles (mainly buses, but also trucks and later snowploughs and tractors). The vehicles are used by the local public transportation company and the f

Retrofitting and proper maintenance vital for emissions

Of the ridiculous number of vehicles currently on the road worldwide, the vast majority of them are not brand new models. Considering the fact that the biggest increases in fuel efficiency, safety and emissions have taken place in the last few years, the legacy vehicles still on the road are a big concern. While it is easy to suggest that we remove these vehicles and replace them with newer models, this is not always practical, so some are suggesting that these vehicles be equipped with retrofit

Ford calls Dutch DPF retrofitting program a success

Retrofitting DPFs in your car is not an easy task to do (some would even say troublesome), but Ford reached a partnership with the Nederlandse Rijksdienst Wegverkeer (RDW) to officially approve the procedures. Starting January 1st, all diesel Fords sold in the Netherlands have a DPF installed as standard.