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Peugeot's 2013 RCZ coupe ­– the stylish French answer to the Audi TT – is live and in color on the Paris show floor. Peugeot, in a sign of welcome restraint, hasn't done a lot to alter the overall exterior appearance of the RCZ, a car that looks as ahead-of-its-time today as it did when it came to market three years ago.


Say one thing for Peugeot at its home Paris Motor Show this season: the company knows how to run with a theme. Peugeot, some might argue, stole the 2012 show with its Onyx supercar concept; that car has an Onyx Scooter Concept that matches it in livery (if not performance). But, perhaps the most realistic vehicle to wear the matte black and copper attire is this hotted-up RCZ R Concept.


The Peugeot RCZ has received extensive updates just in time to debut at its home ball, the Paris Motor Show. There are no changes to the overall shape, the rainbow greenhouse atop a swept back body still plenty fresh after three years, but details have been added and enhanced throughout.


As unlikely a rivalry as it might seem, Peugeot has set its sights on Audi. The French automaker may not be going after Audi at Le Mans anymore these days, but its RCZ sports coupe is still eagerly pursuing the Audi TT with the same vigor it has shown since launching two years ago. To take the fight home to Audi's home territory, Peugeot has launched a special-edition RCZ available exclusively in Germany.

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Judging by this latest round of spy shots taken by shooters in Spain, Peugeot's 308 RC Z is almost ready to take on the Audi TT which it so openly apes.

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