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If you're looking to get into an all-electric truck soon - and don't mind doing a bit of work - then eBay has got the Ford Ranger EV for you. The current bid on the 1998 truck is $4,000, but the reserve isn't met and there are over six days left. If you think that price if a bit low, the seller's vehicle description explains why: "The battery pack on this truck is depleted and the truck does not run. It was running perfectly until June 26th, 2008 when the battery pack wore out."

Lion Electric Vehicles (the name comes from the LIthium-iON batteries the company uses in its conversions, as well as the backwards spelling, kind of, of "no oil") has delivered the first test drive all-electric Ranger to Texas. Flickr user M.Barkley has uploaded a series of photos of the delivery and if that truck isn't quite what you're looking for, Lion said that a PHEV Escape will be delivered sometime soon. If you're interested in getting an Escape PHEV (or Ranger EV) of your own, you can o