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British racecar builder Radical Sportscars recently produced its 1,000th production racer and, at about the same time, showed off a new prototype it is calling the SRZero. The SRZero was prepared by team from Imperial College London starting from a Radical SR8 chassis. The team has installed 56 kilowatt-hours worth of lithium ion batteries and a pair 200 horsepower electric motors driving the rear wheels. We first heard about the car last November.

The Detroit Auto Show may have been the biggest thing with four wheels this week, but there are other, smaller events happening all over the place. At the Brussels Auto Show, for example, Citroën will debut the C-Zero. Over in England, at Autosport International 2010 in Birmingham, a new all-electric supercar called the Radical SRZero (SR0) was unveiled. Well, unveiled isn't exactly the right word since we saw pictures of the car in November. In any case, we're pretty sure that someone from