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Last week, we were able to bring you all of the details regarding Peugeot's new 208 Type R5 rally car, but there was only a shadowy teaser image with which to illustrate the pre-production rally titan.

Every automaker and their sister-company is getting in on the premium, stylish hatchback game. Mini is still the original, but the Fiat group has risen to the challenge with the 500, Alfa MiTo and new Lancia Ypsilon, Audi entered the fray with the A1 and Citroën is fielding the DS3. Most take their cues from a classic precursor, and now reports suggest that Renault could claim its share with the rebirth of what we knew as Le Car.

Podcast #60 finds us reminiscing about the Geneva Motor Show. We spend a while talking about what our team saw at the show - standout vehicles, best and worst, most surprising (good and bad) to see in person versus pictures. John presses Damon for information about how some hotly anticipated cars such as the Mazda2, Audi S5, and the M3 looked at our first opportunity to be up close and personal with them. A good long time is spent covering Geneva before we turn our attention to Ford's sale of As

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