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To get behind the wheel of most new 2013 Toyota Prius models, you'll have to pony up some extra cost compared to 2012 models. Around the cost of a few tanks of gas. The standard Prius Liftback version goes up by $200 and the Prius V goes up by between $100 and $155. The price for the Prius Plug-In stays the same (as does the one for the Prius C, we assume, as that model is not mentioned in Toyota's press release).

During the Detroit Auto Show, Toyota said the new Prius C would start at under $19,000. Today, we learn that this is like a lesson from Obi-Wan: what Toyota told us was true, from a certain point of view.

The slightly tweaked 2012 Toyota Prius is getting one more refinement: a price increase (as it does almost every year, see here, here and here). The Prius Liftback (which is the new name for what us old-timers used call the regular Prius) now starts at $24,000 for the Prius Two version while the Prius Five starts at $29,805 (plus a delivery, processing and handling fee of $760). Depending on which model you're talking about, the increase is somewhere between two and 4.3 percent. That equals a pr

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