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Zero Motorcycles slices $1,350 from all 2015 price tags

Offers Previous Buyers Free Quick Charger, Riding Apparel

The batteries in Zero Motorcycles are becoming better and cheaper, and so the electric vehicle manufacturer has decided to pass some savings along to its customers, chopping $1,350 from the price of all its 2015 models.

Nissan Leaf gets big price drop, like $15,000 big, in Australia

A few months and one hemisphere later, Nissan has gotten around to cutting the price of its all-electric Leaf in Australia.

Nissan drops price of all-electric Leaf by £2,500 in UK

How does $3,950 off sound? That's the amount (converted) that Nissan decided to drop from the price of its all-electric Leaf in the UK, bringing the MSRP down by 2,500 British pounds to just 23,490 pounds ($37,115).