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The other day, Dr. Prabhakar Patil of Compact Power, Inc. was up in Vancouver, BC for the Auto FutureTech Summit. While AutoblogGreen wasn't able to attend the show, we did get a hold of Dr. Patil on the phone for about 15 minutes to talk about CPI's lithium ion batteries and get Dr. Patil's perspective on what the future holds for electric drive cars. As many readers probably know, CPI is one of the companies delivering batteries to GM for the Chevy Volt, so Dr. Patil is in the center of the li

The latest issue of industry trade magazine Automotive Electronics has an article on some of the battery makers trying to gain new business on upcoming hybrid and electric vehicle programs. The piece provides a pretty decent summary of the major players and also the issues with some of the battery technology they're working on, particularly new lithium ion batteries. For the time being all the bigger volume programs are sticking to NiMH because it's proven, relatively safe and they know how to m

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