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Ford finds partners to prepare Oregon, Seattle for electric vehicles

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Two Portland, OR Enterprise Rent-a-car branches go hybrid

If you are in need of a rental car and feel like opting for a hybrid, you might want to check out Enterprise Rent-A-Car. This is particularly true if you are in the Portland, OR area, where two of Enterprise's locations are now almost exclusively hybrid. The Portland hybrid outlets are offering Toyota Priuses, Nissan Altimas and Ford Escapes. In Portland, the hybrids start at $45 per day. The rental company will also be converting 80 other locations across the country to hybrid outlets in the co

Portland, OR may sue Ford after violating truck biofuel warranty

When a manufacturer expressly tells you that using certain types of fuel in a vehicle will cause damage and using said fuel will void the warranty, it's probably a good idea not to use the fuel in question. The city of Portland, Oregon certainly deserves credit for its aggressive use of biodiesel in its municipal truck fleet. However, if Portland or any other city is going to pursue such a program, they really should make sure the diesel engines in its vehicles are compatible with the fuel. Six

Portland using sustainable image to woo BYD

Oregonian politicians, including Governor Ted Kulongoski, have met with BYD Auto representatives in a bid to persuade the Chinese automaker to use Portland, Oregon as a home for its North American headquarters, distribution hub, and possibly even a site for vehicle manufacturing. Eventually. For now, BYD wants to sell its hybrid and electric cars in North America and is casting about for a place to set up shop to accomplish that. Portland has the a

Portland Oregon water bureau trucks running on B99

The water bureau in Portland, OR has been running their fleet of diesel-powered trucks on B20 biodiesel since August 2004. After doing more analysis and testing they began running their entire fleet on B99 on September 26. The water bureau uses about 100,000 gallons of diesel fuel annually and determined that switch would be almost cost neutral. They also hope to help spur more local production of biodiesel.

Low car diet: walking is always the best reward

I've been having fun experimenting with a variety of transportation alternatives in the month since I began my low car diet. I've bussed a lot, taken the light rail known locally as the "Max," even riding transport for free in "Fareless Square." My husband had made plentiful use of the bike and ride option (he sticks his bike on the front rack on the bus before work, then rides home late