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Motorcycles get pole position in Spain

You know how it is when you're in traffic. Everyone thinks they're Mario Andretti or Danika Patrick while jostling for the prize of pole position at the upcoming traffic light so that when it turns green they can speed off without any impedance for a least half a block. Certain cities in Spain have decided, howeve

Scott Dixon grabs Indy 500 pole

Scott Dixon, racing for the Target Chip Ganassi IRL team, is your pole sitter for the upcoming Indy 500. Scott took the front spot with a 4-lap average of 226.366 MPH, about 0.5 MPH faster than last year's pole sitter. Slotting in behind Dixon is his teammate, Dan Wheldon, just a fraction slower at 226.110 MPH.

VIDEO: Pole Position commericial, circa the '80s

When kids nowadays roll their eyes when hearing about how tough we had it when WE were kids, they frequently think we might be exaggerating, especially when we talk about video games. Pong was inconceivably archaic, but the games that showed up in the next few years from the once-dominant Atari seemed like an incredible leap forward in terms of graphics and playability, games like Pole Position in particular. Full color, simulated 3-D renderings, authentic race car sounds - it had it all and was