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Plug In America, a California-based nonprofit organization that advocates the use plug-in cars, has taken note of our crossing the threshold of a $4 per gallon national average for gasoline prices. The group, originally organized to fight the crushing of the electric cars produced to meet California's Zero Emission Mandate of the 1990s, has become a major player in the push for vehicle electrification. After a partially successful attempt to strengthen the California regulations - the revised Ma

If you've never heard Dr. Andy Frank, from UC Davis, speak about plug-in hybrids, you're in for a treat. Frank, who has been featured on AutoblogGreen quite a few times (highlights include an interview on UC Davis' Team Fate in the Auto X Prize and talking about kicking the oil habit with no sacrifice in lifestyle), is rightly considered one of the fathers of hybrid technology. He's been working on cars and PHEVs for thirty some years and spoke at the Santa Monica Alt Car Expo's Plug-In Technol