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Texas Two Step: Ford prepares Austin, Houston for electric cars

Like it did in the Northwest last month, Ford is getting another area of the country ready for electric vehicles. In this case, it's two cities in Texas – Austin and Houston – where Ford is going to do a lot of consumer outreach and education, not only deploying electric vehicle charging stations. Ford's electric vehicle

Austin, Texas, has visions of plug-in hybrids powering grid during peak hours

Austin Energy, the public utility in the Texas capital, wants plug-in hybrids to do more than reduce fuel consumption in the area. The city hopes that the vehicles can get charged during the off-peak hours at night, then return a few watts to grid during peak hours. Officials realize the time frame involved before plug-in hybrids become commonplace on the streets.

Wisconsin town looking forward to PHEV on the streets

Energy representatives from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, have joined other utility officials from the state to support Plug-In Partners, a national campaign to convince auto manufacturers to build plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV).