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Long-time environmental activist Dr. David Suzuki is unconvinced that a huge shift to electric vehicles will do enough to address the impact of our transportation culture. It's clear that simply replacing internal combustion engines with electric drive powertrains will definitely reduce the direct pollution of operating vehicles, but Suzuki argues (correctly) that the total impact of the way our transportation system has evolved over the past century goes way beyond what comes out of the tailpip

You could call the chairs hybrids, being that they combine luxury lounging and transportation, if you wanted, but you probably wouldn't. But, you do get to choose from a gasoline powered armchair or an electric powered armchair.

There is some difference in the two products, Sony's and the Segway, by the looks of the patent. The main seems to be that leaning produces not only forward and back movement, as on the Segway, but also left and right turning. Also, there was no mention that I saw in the patent of speed. So, besides how fast will it go, we have how long on a charge, how much will it cost, when will it be available (or ever at all) and the like.