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Honda announces UNI-CUB β personal mobility device

Honda has announced what can be considered version 2.0 of its Uni-Cub personal mobility device released last year, the Uni-Cub β, which features a small list of improvements to make it safer and easier to use. It'll be on display at the Tokyo Motor Show next week.

Acton spins the Kickstarter wheel again with M Scooter [w/video]

It's a small niche that's home to a wide variety of vehicles, but if it's innovative enough, there just might be room for one more. The M Scooter from Acton is the latest personal electric transporter (PET) to get our attention. Designed to tackle "the last mile" of the commute, local errands, or campus – be it corporate or collegiate, this latest stand up scooter has a few neat tricks up its minimalist sleeve.

Toyota Winglet Personal Mobility Device Begins Public Testing

Toyota announced this week that they have began public testing of their Winglet personal transportation device at the Tsukuba Mobility Robot Experimental Zone in Japan. Part of Toyota's "Parter Robot" initiative, the Winglet aims to "[contribute] to the development of a society where mobility is safe, freely accessible, and fun," according to a statement from Toyota.

Honda unveils another Segway-fighter [w/video]

It seems that ever since humankind grew legs and climbed out of the ocean, we've been trying to figure out ways to avoid using said appendages. While many of these efforts have been wildly successful – think Roman chariots, Pony Express, and the Ford Model T – the recent spate of personal mobility devices hasn't quite ta

Geneva Preview: Honda 3R-C Concept is a funny little thing

Honda 3R-C Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

Geneva Preview: Honda 3R-C concept takes another shot at personal mobility

Honda 3R-C concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

Tokyo 2009: Autoblog samples quirky Honda U3-X unicycle and other assist devices

Jim Kenzie of the Toronto Star tries out the U3-X - Click above for high-res image gallery

Tokyo 2009: We sample Honda's quirky U3-X, stride management assist and bodyweight assist devices

Jim Kenzie of the Toronto Star tries out the U3-X - click above for high res-image gallery