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Highly modified Nissan Patrol impounded after 200-mph 'Hollywood-style' chase in Dubai

Police in Dubai have been cracking down on illegal racing by seizing modified vehicles, but they probably didn't expect to find themselves in pursuit of a full-size SUV supposedly capable of speeds of more than 200 miles per hour. The driver had altered his Nissan Patrol to allow it to run on "jet fuel", according to the report, and he put it all to the test when he tried running from the

Ford's New Cop Cars Get Certified

While police departments lament the passing of the Ford Crown Victoria as their police interceptor of choice, they can at least take heart that Ford's replacements, new police cars based on the Ford Taurus and Explorer, have been validated by the Michigan State Police, one of two key validators for police departments nationwide. The new police cars replace the David Kiley

Vauxhall unveils new police package Insignia

Vauxhall Special Vehicles Police Package - Click above for high-res gallery