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LG Group has taken up legal arms against both BMW and Audi over a patent dispute. The technology company is reportedly aiming to have the sale of vehicles from both German automakers banned in South Korea over an LED patent dispute. According to Korea Times, LG Group is claiming that Osram, the manufacturer of LEDs favored by both automakers, is infringing on LG patents. Oddly enough, LG was once behind the patent game and had to pay Osram to use the company's LED technology in LG products. Now

Things aren't looking good for Toyota in a legal battle over whether or not the Japanese automaker has infringed on a Florida-based company's hybrid drivetrain patents. A U.S. International Trade Commission judge recently ruled to deny Toyota's request to end the lawsuit brought by Paice LLC. Toyota's initial argument was that the plaintiff's patent was invalid, but so far, the courts have sided with the smaller of the two companies time and time again. Earlier in the legal battle, a judge ruled

In September 2005, Florida based Solomon Technologies sued Toyota for infringing on a patent that they held on hybrid power-trains. Then in February 2006, they followed up with a complaint to the International Trade Commission to stop Toyota from importing hybrid vehicles. Today, an administrative law judge at the ITC declared that the Toyota system did not infringe on the patent and in fact one of the patent claims was invalid. So Toyota is safe for now, although the case is still subject to ap