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While perusing Autoblog Latino and brushing up on my Spanglish, I noticed this post that led me to a site called Paper Inside. Its simple tagline – Paper Models are Paper Inside – hints at what you'll find below the fold. The site offers numerous free downloads of paper models that arrive in your printer tray as 2D sheets awaiting entry into the third dimension. We chose the Ecto 1 model to highlight above because it's pretty intricate, but you'll also find the DeLorean from Back to

Well, you do have to pay for the paper and the printer ink, we suppose. Nevertheless, here's a great little time waster for those of you stuck back in your cubicles after the wonderful Holiday season has faded into a fuzzy memory of friends, family and food. Paper models like these at Paper Toys have been around for ages, but the mere mention of them today rekindled happy thoughts of building a Fiat Panda just like the one we piloted in Italy a few years ago.