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I was a Turner Girl for a day at the Long Beach Grand Prix because of a dare

Team owner, Will Turner, claims being a Turner Girl is not as easy as it seems. I disagreed. Here's the result.

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Exploring the puzzle of road rage - and 9 tips for avoiding it

From Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde.

What is it about driving that transforms a normally nice person into a monster?

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How optimizing aerodynamics significantly increases EV range

One area that can significantly enhance EV performance is aerodynamic optimization.

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How to save the Dodge Viper

Automakers have been rebadging economy vehicles for years, so why not apply the strategy to something better?

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The Donald would say the Subaru Viziv-7 concept is "HUUUGE!"

Reading between the lines of the Subaru Viziv 7 concept.

Subaru's Viziv-7 concept is proof that the company is indeed growing.

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The trouble with defining a hypercar

Is there a significant difference between a supercar and a hypercar and do you honestly care?

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Everything wrong with my brand new 1991 Miata

All the cosmetic and electrical/mechanical problems that come with buying a 25-plus-year-old vehicle.

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The original Acura NSX: Development history and driving the icon

Lost development history on the original "new NSX." Plus, one owner's perspective on driving the icon today.

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Next Land Rover Defender going rogue?

Unlike the next Jeep Wrangler, the next Defender appears it may push the engineering envelope for an off-road utility vehicle.

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A novice goes to rally school, part 2

When turning left, be sure to turn right.

Day 2 at the Team O'Neil Rally Racing School was all about confidence and a little help from mother nature to master the Flick.

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Making the Compatriot the Jeep we want - and deserve

If Jeep wants a mini Grand Cherokee, it needs to do more than copy the style. The packaging has to be right, too.

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The Chicken Buses of Honduras: A treasure I took for granted

There's nothing quite like riding on a crowded bus with people you wish knew about the invention of deodorant, plus small livestock.

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A novice goes to rally school

Part 1 of my experience with Team O'Neil.

Reading about how to rally race may be enjoyable, but actually living it out was a pivotal life experience.

American F/A-18s intercept Russian bombers allegedly striking US-backed rebels

The Russian strike aircraft resumed bombing when American jets left the area.

Aerial tensions in the skies over Syria have increased after an encounter between armed US fighters and Russian bombers.

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Business Pivot: Elio reaches out for more revenue streams

Elio's hail Mary pass or a smart business move?

Elio Motors is exploring additional applications for the motor it developed with its partners. Good move, or a hail Mary pass?

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What Paris banning pre-1997 cars means for classic owners

Officials explain that getting rid of old cars will reduce air pollution in the French capital.

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The art of being teammates

IMSA driver Marc Miller reflects on what it means to be part of a team.

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Could Elio Motors be saved by a DOE loan?

Leftover Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing loan money could what the struggling company needs.

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2016 Civic Coupe: The Prelude is back!

At least this is as close to a new Prelude as we're likely to get.

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