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Report: Traditional, new automakers met at White House today for plug-in hybrid talk

What do the Detroit automakers, Tesla Motors, Fisker Automotive and Honda have in common? Today, someone from each of these companies met with representatives from the Obama administration at the White House. On the table was a discussion of electric vehicles and how utility companies can/will play a role in the roll-out. Even though Obama

Is the Obama Administration calling the shots in Detroit? Newsweek says yes

When U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood opened the Detroit Auto Show last week and said that the Chevrolet Volt was, "obviously the kind of green car Americans are looking for," it was a slightly self-ser

Meet Brian Deese, the 31-year-old in charge of breaking up GM

Many of us ABers being in our early- to mid-30s, we're less amazed that another of our ilk has risen to a decisive government position. We are, after all, a generation on the rise. The surprising part about Brian Deese's story is that he's been instrumental in shaping the Obama administration's moves to save General Motors, and this is his first official tour of duty in Washington. What qualifies a guy who hasn't even finished his Yale Law degree to steer President's automotive task force around

President Obama addresses nation on GM bankruptcy

Just before noon EST, President Obama gave a press conference concerning this morning's General Motors Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. The man who made hope cool again tried to put as positive a spin as possible on the automaker's decision to file, claiming a "viable, achievable plan" is in place that will make the "New GM" a competitive, profitable business going forward. He highlighted speci