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How safe is hydrogen? Filling station explodes [w/video]

Hydrogen faces a number of challenges when it comes to supplanting gasoline as the world's transportation fuel of choice. A little reminder of that fact occurred last Friday when the Monroe County Green Fuel Station in Rochester, NY went ka-boom last Thursday afternoon. Luckily no one was killed, though two were injured. Praxair driver Robert Scruggs was transported to Strong Hospital with second-degree burns to his hands and face as a result o

Gas with ethanol getting the cold shoulder

Not that long ago, a lot of gas station owners thought having ethanol in your gasoline was the "cool" thing to do (examples here and here, and there are now over 1,900 E85 stations in the US

NYC Taxi medallion sold for record $600,000

Forget the stock market. If you're in the possession of a NYC taxi medallion, you're sitting on a goldmine. A retiring Pakistani driver who'd been driving a cab in New York for the last 25 years sold his medallion Wednesday for a staggering $600,000 -- an all-

Enter the rumormill: Subaru in the near future

There have been some minor rumblings, as of late, about Subaru's future offerings, including information about the Impreza WRX and its STI variant. The new Impreza will likely debut in New York this April, with sales beginning in August of this year, while the STI will probably bow in Frankfurt, and go on sale in early 2008.