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Greentech Automotive was founded in 2006 by former Democratic National Committee chairman Terry McAuliffe, but you could be forgiven if you forgot about the company over the last five years. McAuliffe, who managed the unsuccessful presidential campaign of Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2008 and lost a bid for the governorship of Virginia in 2009, seemed to have put his transportation efforts on the back burner. In the meantime, Greentech – which was planned in partnership with the former CEO of

Perhaps it was because of a downturn in sales. Or maybe it was an overstreched expansion plan. Whatever the reason, the UK's NICE Car Company went into "administration" last November and since then, owners and prospective electric car buyers have been wondering what the final outcome would be. Well, now we know. Aixam Mega, who supplied NICE with their Mega City (above), has snapped up the company's assets and will continue to run the London sales office. According to the company's UK general ma

A little while ago we showed you some renderings of the upcoming Zero being developed by the Tazzari Group in Italy. While the only thing we learned about it since then is that it might be added to the growing stable of electric cars available from Britain's NICE Car Company, a video appears to have been leaked onto the intertubez of a partially-built Zero hooning about a parking lot. Although some medium speed electric vehicles might promise sporty performance, the Tazzari Zero might actually d

The biggest shopping center in all of Europe opens today in London and one of the 265 retail spaces will belong to the NICE Car Company. If you happen to make it to the Westfield Shopping Center at Shepards Bush you can check out the Mega City and the MyCar (above) at their stand located on the ground floor by the Wood Lane tube entrance. You can even book a test drive in one of the all-electrics if you so desire. NICE co-founder Julian Wilford is, expectedly, pretty happy about the expansion wh

Officially launched at the British International Motor Show in July by NICE Car Company, MyCar was named electric vehicle of the year by GreenFleet this past Thursday in Twickenham, England. Sporting space for two occupants and born of an Italian pen, the tiny car from Hong Kong captured judges hearts by combining a stylish and practical design with low running costs. In the land where it will be sold, the all-electric MyCar gets to forgo congestion charges and road tax and, depending on where y

If you love the Fiat 500 as much as we do, live in the UK and wished you could buy an electric version of this nuovo-retro then you are in luck! The NICE Car Company have announced they will launch the Micro Vette Fiat e500 at the British International Motor Show (BIMS). Micro Vette has a close relationship with Fiat and because their work leaves the vehicle structurally undisturbed, not only is the e500 covered by the full Fiat warranty, but you can also order from the full range of Fiat option

It's been a long road for MyCar to make it to the public but now NICE Car Company will call the orphan its own and show it off to the hopefully adoring crowds at the upcoming British International Motor Show (BIMS). First displayed at Motor Show Bologna 2003, the Italian-designed city car for two began life as the product of a joint venture between a company called Innovech and the firm of Giorgetto Giugiaro. After a false start in 2006, MyCar has re-emerged and will make it to market with distr

NICE Car Company has announced another new all-electric addition to their line-up to be debuted at the British International Motor Show (BIMS). This vehicle, which the company classifies as an MPV, they say is "neither a concept nor prototype". Priced at £14k ($27,995.08) NICE is calling this car the first all-electric that fits within a family budget. The Euro-styled, Sino-constructed Ze-O will be available for sale this autumn and will be theoretically capable of 55 mph and have a 65 mil

In the same week that the British government is set to release a renewable energy strategy which will tout the benefits of increasing the usage of electric cars comes the news that the City of London is about to end its "free parking for electric cars" program. Apparently the feeling is that it has been successful and it is now possible to spot the odd electric vehicle (EV) on London streets. So what's the problem? The city is "...concerned that the free parking has encouraged car use instead of

We briefly mentioned earlier that the NICE Car Company would be showing its Super Light Electric Sport Car concept at this year's British International Motor Show (BIMS) along with some other to-be-introduced models (including, we hear, a face-lifted Mega city) from the company. While that's pretty cool, NICE won't be the only electric car company in the house. Nope. Word on the street (ok, it was a press release) is that there will be a veritable cornucopia of electric car companies assembled t