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Citron installs robotized gearshift for the Nemo

Citroën has something called Sensodrive. It's a manual gearshift change that uses no clutch pedal. This system reduces gearchange times and shaves fuel consumption a bit, especially in city driving. What it is interesting is that it's only been installed in the C2 and C3 models so far. It would seem logical that this be installed in a van, a vehicle which usually gets more kilometers than a small hatchback. Finally, Senosodrive is making the jump. The new Nemo has gotten the option, which c

Citron finds inspiration in Nemo's name with clownfish paint scheme on the Concetto

The other day, Citroën began selling the 119gm/km CO2 Nemo delivery van. Now, with a name like that, how could they not steal from a certain popular movie about a clownfish? Citroën has given the Nemo the orange and white paint tr

Citron's new 119gm/km CO2 Nemo delivery truck

For some reason, delivery truck drivers in the U.S. are stereotypically burly men driving big trucks. In Europe, I've noticed, this image doesn't necessarily hold true, especially when it comes to the vehicles the guys are driving. Take the Renault Kangoo ECO² we wrote about yesterday, for example, or Citroën's new Nemo, which was unveiled earlier this year but is now available.