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NHTSA investigates Ford Super Duty pickup tailgates open on the road

F-250, F-350 and F-450 tailgates have come open, causing damage

Customers have experienced Ford pickup tailgates opening while on the road, causing damage.

Center for Auto Safety wants Hyundai and Kia to recall 2.9M vehicles

NHTSA investigating hundreds of fires and one death

NHTSA investigating hundreds of fires and one death.

NHTSA OKs advanced headlights for use in U.S.

5-year process to get technology long used in Europe and Japan

5-year process to get technology long used in Europe and Japan

NHTSA: Tesla's 'lowest probability of injury' claim goes beyond its analysis

Agency dinged Tesla once before for claiming it earned 5.4 stars

It's not the first time Tesla has embellished government crash tests.

No steering wheel, no driver, no problem: NHTSA rewriting safety rules

Its 75 auto safety standards assume someone's in the driver's seat

Its 75 auto safety standards assume someone's in the driver's seat

U.S. traffic deaths fall 3.1 percent in first half of 2018

They fell for 2017, too

They fell for 2017, too.

Takata's defective airbags linked to 278 injuries in U.S., senator says

16 million remain unrepaired in cars — is your car one of them? 

Takata Corp's defective airbags have been linked to 278 injuries across the United States, according to updated figures released by U.S. Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida, in advance of a hearing next week on the nomination of Heidi King to head the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

NHTSA disputes Tesla safety claim, says it ‘did not assess’ Autopilot

Report Tesla points to was ‘cursory,’ safety agency says

A U.S. traffic safety regulator on Wednesday contradicted Tesla's claim that the agency had found that its Autopilot technology significantly reduced crashes, saying that regulators "did not assess" the system's effectiveness in a 2017 report.

Trump to tap No. 2 official to run NHTSA

She'll be grilled on fuel efficiency, Takata, autonomy and more

The White House said late Thursday that President Donald Trump intends to nominate a top auto-safety agency official to run the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as regulators debate reducing planned fuel efficiency increases through 202 and deal with contentious issues such as the Takata recall and autonomous vehicles.

U.S. finalizes long-delayed ‘quiet cars’ rule for EVs — and delays it again

Cars under electric power will emit noise up to 18.5 mph.

At higher speeds, tire noise, wind resistance, and other factors eliminate the need for a separate alert sound, regulators say.

Apple's Tim Cook: Self-driving cars part of 'mother of all AI projects'

He talks around the topic while there's plenty of evidence Apple has something in the works.

Feds open investigation into recall of 1.7M Hyundais, Kias

Timeliness and scope of recalls in question.

US traffic fatalities rise 10 percent in 2016

The figure will most likely increase in the second half of the year.

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Tesla employees voiced concerns during Autopilot development

But what if no-one listens?

Only to be dismissed by CEO Elon Musk.

No, the feds are not rewriting the rules to hurt Elio Motors

NHTSA Reissues Reclassify Vehicle As A Car, Impose More Safety Standards

High MPG trike maker may be derailed by new federal government ruling.

Volkswagen's emissions deception brings more scrutiny to entire industry

NHTSA Chief Wonders If Other Automakers Employ Same Tricks

Volkswagen's emissions cheating will have ramifications for the entire auto industry when it comes to dealing with regulators, says federal safety official.

Biosensor tech detects drunk drivers via hands, steering wheels [w/video]

Interlock Device Detects Alcohol Through Skin, Not Breath

Drunk drivers kill approximately 11,000 people every year in the United States, a level of carnage that remains stubbornly high despite enormous resources expended by law enforcement officers and safety advocates intent on stopping them. One possible solution now lies in the palms of their hands.

Car-hacking threats get Congressional scrutiny

NHTSA And OEMs Have Two Weeks To Provide Answers

Congress wants to know more about how federal regulators and major car manufacturers plan to protect drivers from automotive cyber attacks.

Jeep 'trailer hitch' recall repair rates lag amidst reports of new death

Jeep is still working to install trailer hitches on recalled 1993-1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee and 2002-2007 Jeep Liberty to make them safer in rear collisions. The company says it is working to notify owners in new ways to get them to bring their vehicles in, but fix rates are reportedly low and deaths are still being reported in unrepaired recalled vehicles.

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