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Tata Nano gets ill-advised haircut at the factory

There are certain vehicles that were born to be convertible. The Tata Nano is not among them. The plucky, inexpensive little transporter is somewhat lovable in hardtop guise with its round overall shape and ladybug proportions. The cheapest of cheap cars is just too cute to hate, but make the mistake of pulling back the top sheetmetal, and you've got a sight that can't be unseen. A p

Geely to challenge Tata, Renault with low-cost car?

Geely IG Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

REPORT: Tata selects first 100,000 Nano buyers from lotto

Tata Nano - Click above for a high-res image gallery

REPORT: Tata confirms Nano U.S.-bound in around two years

Tato Nano Europa - Click above for a photo gallery

Geneva 2009: Bodacious Tatas - Indian automaker debuts Nano Europa

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Tata Motors sales plunge by nearly half

Even when you (intend to) make the cheapest brand-new car in the world, you can't escape an economic downturn. Global jitters and year-end hemming and hawing have conspired to slice Tata's December sales figures nearly in half compared to a year ago. December is a traditionally slow month for auto sales as buyers try to put off expenditures until the next year (when incentives are more attractive on existing stock), but even accounting for the bargain hunters, this is a major drop.

Video: New Nano challenger is ... a Flybo?

A while back we gave you a heads up about a clock-making company in India which was seeking to diversify and enter the electric car business. As if that wasn't ambitious enough they made the claim, and still do, that their car would challenge the Tata Nano and sell for less than one Lakh (about $2500 US). At the time, we were skeptical t

Tata to get class, Pininfarina to get cash in Indian design center deal

In what might be the most perfectest (work with me here) odd couple match-up since chocolate and peanut butter, Pininfarina, car designer extraordinaire and builder of the hydrogen fuel cell-powered Sintesi concept car (silver automotive objet d'art

Geneva '08 Preview: 78 MPG Nano hits Europe within four years

We got our first official look at Tata's Nano in January (and a very good unofficial look in December). Tata's Nano will make its international debut at this year's Geneva Motor Show but when will it go on sale in Europe? Accord

Videos: Ratan Tata, Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, Mitt Romney

We told you there are concerns Tata Motor's Nano will drive up oil prices. What does Tata chairman Ratan Tata think about this? In the first video below the fold, Ratan laughs it off. We told you Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, former Shell chairman said low MPG cars should be banned<

Mitsubishi builds the ultimate iPod Nano case

Sure you could purchase a $35 plastic case to protect your shiny (for now) iPod Nano, but does it have disc brakes and airbags? Mitsubishi has taken iPod protection to a whole new level with its integrated Nano slot in the i (eye) city car's dash. Just plug in your iPod and enjoy the security only a car can provide. At around $15,000 it may not be the most economical case in which to shroud your iPod, but it's the only one that comes with a turbocharged three-cylinder engine and rear-wheel drive