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There's already been a silent technology explosion in automobiles over the last ten years. Command and control has become largely a computerized affair. With high and low speed data buses throughout the automobile, your car is basically a network. It used to be that you'd press the power window switch and current would flow to a motor, or it would trigger a relay. It was simple to execute in the design and manufacturing stages, and troubleshooting was a matter of time spent with a test light and

The DCX crew didn't anticipate the strong reception that the Jeep Unlimited would be granted when it was released earlier this year. The four-door Wrangler's popularity has put Chrysler in the enviable position of not being able to keep supply up to meet the demand, especially when said off-roader is equipped with the FreedomTop and MyGIG entertainment system.

The most exciting news to come out of Chrysler's unveiling of the 2007 Sebring sedan, besides the heating and cooling cupholders, was word that a 20GB hard drive would be available that could store both music and pictures.

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