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The Move About car sharing program in Oslo, Norway is growing at at steady clip. Launched in late 2008, the program provides drivers with access to electric vehicles (EVs) for short jaunts around town. Move About's members, which hit 1,000 strong just days ago, share 80 battery-powered vehicles, of which 79 are Think City electrics, a highway-capable EV (well, it can hit 68 miles per hour) that offers up to 100 miles of range per charge.

It's about to get a lot easier to drive a Th!nk City electric car. Residents of Oslo, Norway - and tourists - will soon (i.e., tomorrow) be able to participate in a new car sharing plan called Move About. As of May 27, Move About will start public car sharing with 13 electric vehicles at three locations in downtown Oslo. Michael Eimstad, Move About's managing director, told AutoblogGreen that the program will be open "to anybody with a driving licence, and is (as far as we know) the first of its