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Watch Alpinestars' new Tech-Air self-contained airbag in action

Airbags are getting a bit of a bad rap at the moment from Takata's recall, but as we all know, the devices can be lifesavers. Even motorcycles are getting into the tech with companies finding ways to mount the bags on the bike or attaching them to riders. The latest innovation comes from cycle gearmaker Alpinestars, with an evo

BMW working with Dainese to put airbags in motorcycle suits [w/video]

Addressing the safety concerns of its customers, BMW Motorrad is co-developing a rider suit with Dainese to feature something that's much more common in automobiles: airbags.

Airbags on motorcycles: Alpinestars introduces Tech Air Race motorcycle suit [w/video]

Alpinestars Tech Air Race prototype suit – Click above to watch the video after the break

Honda motorcycles to get Variable Cylinder Management and more

Honda has been producing V6 engines with Variable Cylinder Management for their line of automobiles and minivans for the past few years. Consumers can see a fuel savings of around ten percent when the engine is allowed to switch between six, four or even just three of its cylinders. According to Honda President and CEO Takeo Fukui, the company has plans to begin introducing its Variable Cylinder Management technology