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Followup: Bad Habit monster truck breaks longest jump record

Bad Habit breaks a world record – Click above for image gallery

Video: Bad Habits' monster truck world record practice session doesn't go as planned

Bad Habits takes a dive – Click above to watch the video after the jump

Bigfoot monster truck defects from Ford to Chevy after more than 35 years

2010 Bigfoot Chevrolet Silverado – Click above for high-res image gallery

SEMA 2009: Bigfoot still a crowd favorite, 35 years later

Bigfoot #1 – Click above for high-res image gallery

Announcer killed at Wisconsin monster truck show

It has been less than ten days since a tragic accident at a Tacoma, Washingon monster truck show killed a six-year old spectator. Now comes word that a promoter/announcer at a Madison, Wisconsin Monster Nationals event has been killed at a similar event run by a different promoter.

Monster truck debris kills 6-year old boy at Tacoma Dome

Debris from a Friday night Tacoma, Washington monster truck show flew into the crowd, killing a six-year old boy. The tragic accident happened during the Monster Jam at the Tacoma Dome while trucks were competing in the event's freestyle competition.

Hard times means some Icelanders can't keep on truckin'

In Iceland, the leviathan you see in the picture above is called a "jeep." Here in the U.S., it would be called a massively tricked out F-350 Super Duty, or probably just "monster truck." The 6,000 members of Iceland's 4x4 club use them to explore the barely reachable sections of the island nation, trusting 4-foot-high studded tires and a bevy of custom modifications to get them back to civilization.

Ah, steering's overrated anyway...

If we had this puppy, we'd make a CD that was an endless loop of monster truck rally radio commercials. What better soundtrack to blare out the window of this bitchin', rust-enhanced Dodge Ramcharger sporting 52" tires. Billed as an "attention getter" that "steers for the

The Deer Camp Truck: Sightseeing in style

click above image for more pics of the Deer Camp Truck and its amenities

Ridiculous ride height on a Ford Galaxie 500

Some will certainly look at this lifted Galaxie 500 and ask, "Why?" But to the people who build such things, the better question is always, "Why not?" Featured in the gallery at King of the Street, this massively raised Galaxie 500 is one of the most extreme examples of a growing trend in the aftermarket world, big rides. And that's what King of the Street is all about. Self-described as "The first and only publication catering to this fast growing L

smart forfun2 a monster good time

With the recent announcement that Roger Penske's UnitedAuto Group will be offering SMART FourTwos in the US in 2008, DaimlerChrysler has decided to have a little fun and show people what the SMART brand is all about. To that end they have married a SMART car to a Unimog chassis developed by Greek rally racer Stefan Attart. Although similar to a vehicle created in 2005, known as the forfun, the forfun2