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Car Buying

The window sticker's story, and why you should be glad we have it

Imagine walking into a car dealership blindfolded, not knowing for certain what exactly you were paying for when buying that shiny, brand-new vehicle on the showroom floor. Imagine not being able to see a list price for each individual vehicle option and add on, not knowing for sure how much the destination charge was, or even what the list price of the vehicle itself was. Instead, you'd have to trust the dealer's word on all of that. Sounds a little bit crazy, right?

Car Buying

The facts behind destination fees, and the similar-sounding delivery fee.

Looking at the line-item breakdown of what it actually costs to buy a car can sometimes be stressful. Cars are already expensive, and then there are hundreds of dollars in individual fees tacked on. Let's cover one that seems suspiciously simple: the destination fee.

Thinking about buying a new Mustang, but want to know what kind of fuel economy it'll get? Well we have our first indication as the pony-car enthusiasts over at Mustang6G.com have gotten a hold of the Monroney window stickers for a few of the new 2015 Mustang models.