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Minnesota's state-owned fleet boosts E85 use by 25%

Our recent coverage of ethanol-related news has been a bit dour, so now we'll shift away from wreaking havoc on the ethanol industry and bounce

How 'bout dipping your corn dog in some biodiesel? Minnesota State Fair gets biofuel exhibit

Starting today and continuing until September 3, the Clean Air Choice Team will be at the 2007 Minnesota State Fair in St. Paul to unveil something they're calling the "Clean Air Choice Fueling Station," handing out fuel coupons on a stick and in general promoting ethanol and biodiesel. The Path to Cleaner Air exhibit is part of the fair's Experience Ex

Cheap ethanol in Minnesota today through Friday

The Brazil of North America, Minnesota will try to increase use of ethanol in the state this week. The attraction: ultra-cheap E85, in so

"E85 Everywhere" rally in Minnesota today

"Give me an 'E', give me an '85', give it to me everywhere!"

Minnesota bio-researcher calls for many alternative-fuel solutions

No state pushes ethanol harder than Minnesota with its incentives and regulations. Now the alternative fuel's limits are being recognized by the state's academic community. Dr. Robert Elde is dean of the College of Biological Sciences at the University Minnesota. He wrote an opinion piece for Sunday'

NPR: Switchgrass biomass makes ethanol the carbon neutral way

I love stories about new biomass possibilities for ethanol production. If an ethanol story has got a watermelon or poplar tree in the lede, then I'm ready to learn more. When I heard this story on carbon negative ethanol production using switchgrass