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The carbon-graphite foam, lead acid batteries created by Firefly Energy are a bit closer to production now that the company today announced a MoU with lead acid battery maker NorthStar Battery Company. This agreement means Firefly's 3D batteries should be in production by the fourth quarter of this year.

Remember the carbon-graphite foam, lead acid 3D and 3D2 batteries we told you so much about a while back? Well, the U.S. Army likes what Firefly Energy has been doing with the batteries, and this week awarded the by Peoria, IL-based company $5 million to develop and manufacture the technology, according to Dan Green, who's connected to Firefly.

As we mentioned the other day, Firefly Energy is setting out to change the way we think of lead-acid batteries. Mil Ovan, Firefly Energy co-founder, spoke with AutoblogGreen about this new battery technology and what it might mean for PHEVs and EVs.