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Tesla Motors spokeswoman Rachel Konrad has just confirmed a rumor that popped up on the Tesla Motors Club forum that Michael van der Sande has resigned. van der Sande was senior vice president for marketing and succeeded Darryl Siry in that job last December.Prior to his work for Tesla, van der Sande was an international marketing executive at Harley-Davidson. According to Konrad, van der Sande is leaving for personal reasons and she declined any further comment on the matter.

Now that Darryl Siry has left the building we know who the new sales boss is at Tesla Motors. Michael van der Sande from Harley Davidson will be joining Tesla in the senior VP role responsible for sales and marketing. As a veteran of Harley Davidson, van der Sande clearly has experience nurturing a premium niche brand with a loyal following. That seems to be exactly what Tesla someday aspires to be. At Harley, the multi-lingual van der Sande was director of strategic planning and then oversaw H