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Melbourne 2008: Mitsubishi Panther concepts claw at good taste

Click image for a hi-res gallery of the Mitsubishi "Panther" Concepts

Melbourne 2008: Mazda2 Extreme dresses for the dirt

Click image for a high-res gallery of the Mazda2 Extreme

Australian Badass: HSV W427 unveiled in Melbourne

Click image for a hi-res gallery of the HSV W427

TRD HiLux to make official debut in Melbourne. Honest.

Click image for a hi-res gallery of the production TRD HiLux

Toyota hints FT-HS concept could inspire next Supra

Click above to view more high-res pics of the Toyota FT-HS Concept

Melbourne '08 Preview: Holden to unveil Z06-powered super HSV sedan

Today at the Melbourne Auto Show in Australia, GM's Holden subsidiary is rumored to debut a new super sedan based on the Commodore and developed by its highly capable Holden Special Vehicles division. The exact nomenclature to be affixed to the sedan's flanks is unknown, but we expect a suitably sporty one like HSV GTSR, or something to that effect. It will powered by the 7.0L LS7 V8 from the Chevy Corvette Z06, which makes 505 hp in the Vette but will likely be detuned a smidge to just under 50