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Click above for a hi-res gallery of the Mazda AZ-Wagon

Mazda has just launched it's latest "Kei-class" car in Japan with the redesigned AZ-Wagon. The "Kei" cars are built to specifications defined by law in Japan that place limits on size engine displacement and power. Kei cars are limited to 660 cc of engine displacement and 63 hp along with a maximum length of 3.4 m. The new AZ-Wagon is claimed to beat current Japanese emissions standards by 50-75 percent. All of the engines get variable valve timing and normally aspirated versions with a manual t

For the thirteenth year running, Mazda has created a number of vehicles for those with special needs to be showcased at the International Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition in Japan. The AZ-Wagon gets a lift-gate out back so that folks limited to wheelchairs can enter and exit through the converted rear hatch while still in their wheelchairs. The MPV Second Row Lift-up Seat (pictured) is also for those in wheelchairs, but those who have the mobility to sit in a conventional seat. And the