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REPORT: Mahindra out shopping for new U.S. pickup factory

Indian vehicle maker Mahindra is looking for a way to avoid import taxes when it puts its pickup truck and Scorpio sport utility on the U.S. market sometime in 2010, so it's no surprise that Automotive News is reporting that the manufacturer is on the hunt for a stateside assembly location. It's the same reason why there are Honda and Toyota plants here, and Mahindra is no stranger to selling vehicles in our market – or assembling them here, for that matter.

Mahindra introduces Hy-Alfa hydrogen-powered three-wheeler, plans demo fleet

It's anything but uncommon to see three-wheeled vehicles running around the streets in India. Generally, though, these machines are either human-powered or they run on gasoline, often using highly polluting two-stroke powerplants. Mahindra, a major vehicle manufacturer that operates in a number of industries in India, has its sights set on a cleaner, more environmentally friendly alternative with a rickshaw that burns compressed hydrogen gas in an internal combustion engine.

Mahindra's diesel pickup drops 'Appalachian' name

While it might not be the prettiest girl at the prom, we're still extremely intrigued by Mahindra's upcoming diesel pickup for the American market. Up until today, we've been referring to the new truck as the Appalachian, though reports now indicate that it will drop that moniker. Apparently, the Indian company wants to highlight its own name in an effort to build some much-needed brand r

Mahindra will display diesel hybrid Appalachian truck at SAE Congress

Our good friends at Diesel Forecast have learned that the anticipted Mahindra & Mahindra diesel-hybrid truck will be on display at the SAE World Congress next month in Detroit. The Indian company's light-duty Appalachian pickup truck and Scorpio SUV should be available for sale in the U.S. by 2010 with either a diesel 2.2L four cylinder engine or diesel-hybrid options. Mahindra's Dr. Arun Jaura, who used to work for For