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The second annual Hybridfest is going to happen July 21-22, 2007 at the Alliant Energy Center Grounds in Madison, WI. A local non-profit group called Hybridfest, Inc. organized the first event last summer and after a huge turnout decided to expand the event to two days this time around. The festival is actually growing beyond just hybrids this year to include other alternative fuel transport, like biofuels, hydrogen, and plug-in vehicles.

On another recent episode of AmandaAcrossAmerica, Amanda Congdon interviewed Mayor Dave Cieslewicz of Madison, WI. During the interview the mayor discussed the efforts that Madison and many other cities around the country have taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Since the federal government is currently ignoring the problem, local municipalities are taking the initiative by changing things at a local level. Last year Mayor Greg Nickels of Seattle started trying to get local municipalities