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When Bob "crock of s*!t" Lutz first announced his retirement from General Motors a little over a year ago, he said he would not be around to see development of the Chevrolet Volt. Of course, he returned to the company before he ever really left (becoming vice chairman last December) and kept on strongly promoting the plug-in hybrid. Sometimes, of course, he continued his habit of saying things that attract a lot of attention, like that hybrids won't ever be that great for GM.

Rick Wagoner, CEO of General Motors, is a player in the auto industry. So when he sits down to have breakfast with reporters, you can bet that some juicy quotes will be delivered. Speaking on a number of topics recently at a breakfast with journos, Wagoner set the record straight that he does not share the view expressed by Bob Lutz that global warming is a "crock of $#!t". Of Lutz's famously quoted remark, Wagoner said, "The comments weren't coming out of our company." No, just the mouth of yo

Did you hear the one where Bob Lutz calls global warming a "total crock of shi*t"? Yeah, he did say what you just thought he said, though the most Maximum of Bobs added that he's just skeptical and doesn't deny the theory completely. He's interested in green transportation technology, but for different reasons than perhaps a die-hard, tree-hugging liberal. It's all about weening our nation off the teet of imported oil for Bob. Regardless, the interwebs went wacky with the "crock of sh*t" quote,