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Study: Argonne makes the case for a propane-powered automotive future

In the alternative energy vehicle category, the choices run the gamut from battery-powered and solar, to diesel, wind-driven and everything in between. Though often overlooked, propane-powered vehicles also make the exhaustive list of alt-energy vehicles. Propane-powered vehicles are often referred to by other names including liquefied petroleum gas, LPG, LP gas or LNG vehicles. Regardless of name, LPG is typically touted as a low-carbon, low-polluting fuel that offers the benefit of reduced emi

General Motors to offer factory CNG or LPG full-size vans

Starting this fall, commercial fleet customers will be able to order full-size GMC Savana and Chevrolet Express vans with either compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquified petroleum gas (LPG) fuel systems. The CNG/LPG vans will be delivered direct from the factory with the gaseous fuel systems and won't require any aftermarket upfitting

Hyundai gets 1,000 retail orders for its Avante LPI hybrid in South Korea

Hyundai Avante LPI Hybrid - Click for high-res image gallery

Volkswagen launches Golf Plus Bi-Fuel in Germany

VW Golf Plus - Click above image for high-res gallery

Dutch LPG giant expands to Germany

Benelux (made up of Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg) is one of the world's largest LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) markets. The most important distributor of this fuel in Benelux, BK-GAS, has announced plans to expand to Germany, after its successful move to France, Italy and Poland. The Dutch company will start its German operations in the North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany's largest LPG market. BK-GAS said it hopes to have 200 fueling stations there in the near future. LPG is also an oil deriva

Meet Greenfly, a Yamaha XT500 motorcycle converted to LPG

Click above for more shots of the Greenfly LPG motorcycle

RACE report shows that LPG is a viable solution

The Real Automóvil Club de España (RACE) as well as its German counterpart ADAC, have released a complete report defending the use of LPG (Liquiefied Petroleum Gas) as a viable alternative to gasoline. The complete report (which you can download following the link below) states that LPG is a reasonable solution for the following reasons:

LPG vs Biofuels: Cleaner fuel but more CO2

Most of our readers might not be familiar with LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) but it's a fuel that is very hot in countries like Belgium, Germany, Italy, France and Australia. LPG is a mixture of hydrocarbon gases (propane and/or butane) that is liquefied and then used as a fuel. It is non-toxic and non-corrosive, and it burns cleaner than gasoline or diesel and is much more free of particulates when compared to the latter. However, it's got a lower energy density, with a lower mpg. Still, since

UK drivers have a new guide to propane filling stations and converters

Hank Hill would be proud. Heck he would probably sell them at Strickland Propane in Arlen, Texas for people planning to travel to the UK. A new atlas of Great Britain is being published that shows the locations of LPG filling stations and companies that do LPG conversions. LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) is more commonly referred to as propane although it's actually a mix of propane, butane, methane and other gases. As Hank would say, it'