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Twenty years ago, hot rodders were buying "chips" for the engines to boost power. These E-PROM chips carried the fuel and spark programming codes in the engine-control units (ECU). Instead of manually adjusting the spark advance and rejetting a carburetor, tuners on EFI engines would have to pull the chip and reprogram the fuel and spark maps with a computer. Modern cars have flash memory in the ECUs. Today's tuners going for more power either replace the entire ECU or reflash the program.

In your online travels, do you ever pause and think, "man, this website is just too easy to navigate. I wish there were some website that looked like everything a used car salesman would say, and all those words were on the screen at once. Yeah, that'd be a great site. And what if it had section dedicated to green car stuff. Perfect. Now, if only it could be run by a self-described hotheaded Chinese woman with a penchant for animated GIFs, handwritten notes, and hyperbole, I'd visit that site ev