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We know Lexus is planning on introducing the RX-series at the LA Auto Show in a few weeks. Over at Autospies, they got their hands on some scans of what appears to be a Japanese brochure of the new 2010 RX450h and RX350. Reaction is mixed, but these modern station wagons for the suburb set don't look all that bad to me. There are some similarities to the LF-Xh concept, but mostly the unique qualities of that vehicle have been tuned down. The asymmetrical dash (see it after the jump) is particula

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For as small a MPG bump the Lexus hybrids get compared to the non-hybrid versions, Toyota sure is able to ride them for a lot of publicity. Take a move by London's BlueSky Chauffeurs, an executive car hire company that will start cruising the city streets in LS 600h and the RX 400h hybrids. BlueSky is trying to move into the ever-more-crowded luxury/eco-friendly market, and the company's managing director, Leroy Barr, said that these vehicles play to customer's vanity. "Executives are getting yo

Usually, when a corporation donates something and then says the reason is to "raise awareness," what do you think of? Breast cancer, perhaps? Or maybe some wetlands somewhere? A bay, maybe. Well, Lexus has a different idea. Here's the first graph of a press release sent out today:

While it's no surprise to hear that Lexus will be showing off a more luxurious version of the Prius hybrid sedan, Inside Line is reporting that the upcoming model will be priced over $30,000 and possibly have an older brother in the form of a dedicated hybrid crossover utility vehicle. Based on Toyota's midsize sedan architecture, the crossover vehicle would be similar in size to the hybrid RX that Lexus already sells in pretty good numbers. We have no information on whether Lexus plans to offer

The Asia-only Toyota Crown model (pictured) is the latest Toyota to get a hybrid powertrain option but it certainly won't be the last. Toyota president Katsuaki Watanabe told Automotive News (subs req'd) in Geneva today that sometime in the 2020s, every Toyota will be available with a hybrid engine. If you think you might have read this before somewhere, you're right. Back in January, Watanabe said the same thing and even that wasn't the first time. Toyota's "all-hybrid" message is repeated at p

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If paying $100,000+ to drive a Lexus LS600h hybrid is too rich for your blood, well, you're out of luck. But, if you would like to try the not-quite-as-expensive Lexus RX 400h luxury SUV (above) or the GS 450h performance sedan, well, then the UK's Green Motion Vehicle Rental would like to invite you to rent a car from them. Green Motion will soon offer these two Lexus hybrid models "as part of their expansion to their green rental options." If you know that Lexus hybrids aren't really as green

Lexus hybrids are green in name only. The battery power offered by the hybrid drivetrain is used mainly for a power boost instead of making a serious dent in emissions or greatly increasing the mpg ratings of the vehicles. Given that a green image is more important to Lexus than actually going green, it's not surprising that the Project GreenHouse event the company is sponsoring at the Sundance Film Festival in January in Park City, Utah is more style than substance.

USA Today asked 90 CEOs what they drive and thirteen percent said they drive a hybrid. Here are the some of the reasons the CEOs gave for choosing a hybrid:

Toyota has just released their hybrid vehicle sales results for the year through October and the results are mixed. The Prius continue on a strong growth path with global sales up twenty-six percent although Japanese sales were stagnant. The Camry Hybrid is up forty-seven percent and the new Lexus LS600h is off to a strong start. Lexus dealers have already moved 6,093 examples of the $104,000 hybrid luxury sedan. The other two Lexus hybrids, the RX400h and the GS450h, are both down significantl

No small percentage of Lexus buyers will gladly pay the hybrid premium for better-performing luxury cars. In the UK, almost a third (28 percent) of new Lexus models sold are hybrid versions, according to Just-Auto (subs req'd)

The BMW Mini and, more recently, the new Fiat 500 are both drool-worthy, luxury superminis. It seems Toyota's luxury brand, Lexus, has caught small-car envy from BMW and Fiat: Lexus is rumored to be working on a small, luxury car based on the Toyota Auris platform. The rumor also says the mini could be a hybrid, with a RX powertrain and an electric engine in the boot. We think Lexus can pull it off: Just take a look at Lexus' little LF-C concept in the picture above and the gallery below (and ma

Just in case you have $155,000+ burning a hole in your pocket, the Lexus LS 600h is now on sale in the UK. Forgive me, I meant £81,400. It looks so much less expensive in five digits.