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Chrysler has released the text of the opening remarks that CEO Tom LaSorda is delivering at the congressional here on fuel economy rules today. LaSorda is affirming that Chrysler acknowledges global warming and excessive fossil fuel consumption as serious issues for the United States, that must be addressed in a comprehensive way. That means auto-makers have to build more efficient vehicles and to that end Chrysler is committed to making half of their fleet flex-fuel or biofuel capable by 2012 a

During the bloodletting press conference this morning in Auburn Hills, Chrysler Group CEO Tom LaSorda gave some hints about future product plans for Chrysler. In addition to the usual reduction in the number of platforms and engine families, LaSorda announced that Chrysler would be spending $3 billion in power-train development to improve fuel efficiency. He indicated that there would be a new Mercedes-Benz four cylinder diesel coming to Chrysler products in addition to the 3.0L V-6 already anno