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I covered the AFVI Expo last week and that trip was my first visit to Las Vegas. I've heard the stories, the advertising campaign that tries to sell Sin City as, well, Sin City that takes your credit card. What interested me the most, though, was how my environmentalist mind would react to being in a city that, quite honestly, celebrates excess and waste. I didn't expect to feel comfortable in an oasis of VIP come-ons and bright lights surrounded by a harsh desert. I arrived in town around noon

Electrorides Inc., a company based in California, will debut the ZeroTruck, an all-electric medium duty truck, at the 2008 AFVI National Conference and Expo in Las Vegas in mid-May. The ZeroTruck can go 100 miles per charge using an EIG lithium polymer battery pack and a UQM brushless permanent magnet elecgtric motor. The highway-speed truck can capture energy through regenerative braking and has an on-board charger to suck power from the grid. The first ZeroTrucks will be released in the Los An

During his keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show, GM Chairman Rick Wagoner announced that the 1,000th transit bus equipped the the GM-Allison Two-Mode system would delivered this month and it was coming to Las Vegas. Las Vegas is doubling their hybrid fleet from thirty to sixty buses. The hybrid bus powertrain was introduced in 2003 and in 2007 over 400 of them were produced. So far the Seattle King County Metro Transit Authority has made the biggest commitment to the system, ordering 500 of