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Nations find tough going to reach Kyoto targets

An Associated Press analysis finds that most of the world's big industrialized nations aren't having an easy time reducing greenhouse gas emissions as part of their commitment to the Kyoto pact. Basically, says writer Karl Ritter, Europe is veering off course, Japan is way off the mark and Canada has thrown in the towel.

Beyond Kyoto

Yesterday, the AP reported that 25 European Union and 13 Asian nations pledged to set new emissions reducing targets beyond those established in the Kyoto Protocol.

Climate change affecting shareholder value?

While we generally hear about global warming and climate change from scientists, people involved in the financial world should also consider it a major economic issue facing all U.S. companies, according to an article by the Vermont State Treasurer. While the U.S. government declined to ratify the Kyoto Protocol, many U.S. companies have already responded to some of the challenges climate change is posing. Many global companies based in the U.S. have to join in carbon-reduction efforts to comply