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Watch adorable kitten get rescued from busy freeway

The grateful kitten inadvertently activated the police cruiser’s siren

The grateful kitten inadvertently activated the police cruiser's siren.

Kitten rescued from Tesla Model X bumper

The car's not supposed to make that noise.

Tessie was immediately adopted by one of the rescuers.

Busy freeway closed to save tiny kitten

The Civil Defense team was called in.

A stray cat on the loose in Abu Dhabi? Someone check on Nermal.

Kitten rides 300 miles in Royal Navy pilot's BMW

The Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm, has a new recruit–a tiny kitten named Tigger.

Florida man cuts open truck to save kitten [UPDATE]

UPDATE: Love cats? Feeling generous? A page has been set up allowing you to donate any sum you want to help Erran Frazier fix his truck, which, as you'll read below, he had to cut into his own truck to save a trapped kitten. Feel free to donate to the cause here, and note that the donations have already succeeded the asked-for amount.