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As 4,312 hourly Chrysler workers in Canada and the US accepted early retirement and buyout plans, Kirk Kerkorian released a statement again asserting his desire for a "true partnership" with the UAW and Chrysler management that would entail "equal sharing in the 'risks and rewards'" of a sale to his company, Tracinda. While acknowledging that a successful purchase by Tracinda couldn't (or at least, shouldn't) happen without all parties involved welcoming the deal, Kerkorian calls his plan for th

Tracinda, billionaire investor Kirk Kerkorian's company, sent two letters today, one to DaimlerChrysler's CEO Dieter Zetsche and the other to the Supervisory Board, detailing an offer of $4.5 billion in cash to buy the Chrysler Group. Kerkorian, who has been major Chrysler shareholder for more than ten years, tried to buy the company in 1995 with Lee Iaccoca but met with rejection, and following that was a factor in the DaimlerChrysler merger. Sensing a second opportunity, he has done his usual