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The world's first smartboat can be carried on your back

Need a kayak? A canoe? A sailboat? All 3? No problem

Need a kayak? A canoe? A sailboat? All 3? No problem.

Kayaker Saves Family Of 5 From Car's Plunge Into River

He pulled 3 children out of wreckage after car missed striking him by mere moments

The good timing and quick thinking of a kayaker saved five people's lives after their SUV crashed into a Northern California river last week.

Top Gear video: how to mess up a perfectly good kayak

How do you take a completely carbon free form of transportation and mess it all up? By strapping a jet engine onto a kayak, and then proceeding to race it against a 4X4 Land Rover... thing! Richard Hammond from Top Gear says that the kayak is rubbish without an engine. The inventor of the machine has kayak'ed down a 65 foot vertical drop, so he is probably the perfect person to pilot a machine such as this one, especially considering that this

The Tu-Fin, get your excercise by walking on water

As part of a student competition, designers I. Kiryakov, S. Ballmeier, K. Eichelberg & M. Dressler have attached an exercise machine to a high-speed canoe hull, and called it the Tu-Fin. The vehicle transfers the movement of the stepping user to forward motion using a flipper, according to Treehugger. What benefit does this offer to the more standard rowing that would take place in a normal canoe or kayak? None really,