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Zap merges with China's Jonway Automobile

We'll level with you on this one. We all know that Zap has seemingly had some, ahem... interesting business practices in the past. And we're not really sure what to make of this latest news, either. With that in mind, here's the main point: Zap has merged (or bought, depending on your viewpoint) with China's Jonway Automobile. There are three more bullet points to consider...

Beijing 2010: Zap introduces electric taxi based on old Rav4 knock-off [w/video]

At press conference ahead of the Beijing Motor Show, Steve Schneider, CEO of Zap introduced his company's latest effort, an electric taxi. Like previous Zap products, the taxi is to be produced in China. This one will built by a joint venture between Zap and electric meter manufacturer Holley Group.

Does Zap! have an electric SUV up its sleeve?

Might more be going on at Zap then we had previously heard? Considering the number of previous product promulgations that subsequently never materialized we aren't holding our breath, but who knows, maybe this time Domenick Yoney