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During a live webchat this afternoon, General Motors VP for Global Program Management Jon Lauckner said that final pricing for the Chevrolet Volt would not be finalized until mid to late 2010. Although cars are generally developed to a target price point, Lauckner responded to a pricing query "We typically do not lock in on pricing until about 3-6 months prior to start of production. The reason is primarily so we have an opportunity to take a look at the market, competitors and other factors. So

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Over at the GM Fastlane Blog, Jon Laukner, VP of Global Program management has piped up with another Volt update. In spite of the news this week that construction work at a new Flint, MI engine plant had been temporarily halted, Laukner claims it will not effect the Volt or Chevy Cruze production timing. According to Laukner, the factory can be completed in less than 12 months and will be done in plenty of time to support the production launch of Cruze in spring 2010 and Volt later that year.