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The Toyota Yaris and the Honda Fit were the top new- and used-car search increases in May at Cars.com, according to the website. Searches for the two new models increased by hundreds of percent over the April searches, while the car that took third place in searches, the Saturn Sky, grew by 31 (new) and 53 percent (used). Searches for large SUVs declined.

Automotive resource Cars.com has recently unveiled a consumer guide discussing E85. The guide explains what is E85, how it is created, and its advantages and disadvantages. A listing of E85-compatible ("flex-fuel") vehicles, such as the Ford F-150 (pictured), is provided as well. States Joe Wiesenfelder, editor at Cars.com, "Cars.com recently conducted a survey and found that 46 percent of car buyers said they didn't know enough about alternative fuels like ethanol to consider flex-fuel vehicles